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+63 938 491 0643 info@hccci.edu.ph
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With toasty and humbling trials hardscape its way towards a supercut of excellence and complexities. Despite these challenges, the HCCCI has stood firmly and ferociously like a delicate feather against the severed wind of time and transformation in both basic and higher education academic discourse over its two decades of dedication to providing exceptional instruction to the Tri-people of South Cotabato.

On Monday, January 16, 2023, the school, along with its steadfast board of trustees, keen administration, treasured students, valued community relations, exceptional faculty, and outstanding staff, celebrated its 20th founding anniversary with the theme: “HCCCI at 20: Responsive to the Needs of the Time, Adaptive to the Change of Times.” The new theme entails the institution's humble beginnings from the old to the previous administration, which leveraged and nourished the institution's stems to grow into what it is today and what it will be in the following academic years across both basic and higher education, in an endeavor to advance the educational situation and the institution's ability to accommodate the demands of the local community in the modern period as it enters its most recent era toward the renaissance of education.

The HCCCI formally celebrated in honor of this annual and momentous event with festivity of hearts, respect, and confidence in the Almighty, who gives her strength, as well as with lovely melodies and songs of praise the people sing. Like a seed that grows from the shadow, reaching for the knowledge of the light, the HCCCI became one of the longest-standing beacons of its community and the people with whom she shares delight and abundance in good service and quality education. The Holy Child Central Colleges, Inc. (HCCCI) and its people will continuously march forward on their own path in bringing good service, quality education, and competent individuals as the fruit of the labor and effort of the mother school, the Holy Child Central Colleges, Inc., which is now brighter and fuller in leading the way for the years to come, from this day forward, through songs of the heart and mind that we have learned from the Alma mater.

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