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It is with prevalent sentiments that the Lake Sebu farmers' organizations and associations, such as the Lake Sebu Vegetable Association (LAS VEGAS), led by Enrique D. Valenzuela; the Luhib Coconut Farm, led by Efren Soloren; and the Lake Sebu Indigenous Women Farmers Association, led by Chita Sulan, have all expressed identical and varying concerns, beliefs, and visions for a better future as a living treasure in the community's farming sector, which delivers to promote a more sustainable local farming that benefits both the environment and their community.

To complement the initiatives of these associations, the Lake Sebu Municipal Tourism Office, led by Jenifer Tupas, PhD, and the Lake Sebu Municipal Agriculture Office, led by Engr. Aboy, together with the Holy Child Central Colleges, Inc. (HCCCI) adorned the activity with its involvement in order to support, help understand, and assess the needs of various farmers' associations, in determining the possible interventions that the external organizations and the institution may be able to perform according to their expertise to help address the gaps between what all these farmers already possess and what they still envision to merit at the years ahead—all in the effort in sustaining balance between the industry, the community, and the eco system, backed-up with research and timely conclusions.

The said activity was attended by our very own Executive Vice President, Vanessa Marie L. Antiquin; the HCCCI's Director for External Affairs and Linkages, Gayle Grace S. Electores, MS; and Research Director, Bonifacio Pales, who worked with the HCCCI Research team to make the activity a platform for social and intellectual exchange with the goal of assisting the pioneering minds of the various farmers' associations heads in the municipality of Lake Sebu.

he presence of HCCCI in activities pertaining to the partnered community of Lake Sebu and its farming folks is the administration's direction in realizing the institution's core values of reliability, serviceability, and social relationship in a bid to promote and continue to expand its external correspondence as a channel, performing its obligation as an academic bay in uplifting our modern-day farmers to thrive in the waters of modern society.

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