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On March 14, 2023, Holy Child Central Colleges, Inc. (HCCCI) displayed its unwavering commitment to women's empowerment and gender equality by taking part in the 2023 National Women's Month celebration held at the Kaya-Kaya Gymnasium in Datu Abdullah Sangki, Maguindanao Del Sur. The theme of the event, "We for Gender Equality & Inclusive Society," strongly resonated with HCCCI's mission of empowering women to achieve their full potential.

During the event, Gayle Grace S. Electores, MS, HCCCI's Director for External Affairs and Linkages, presented Lanie A. CastaΓ±ares, PhD, J.D., a certificate of appreciation for her outstanding contribution and dedication to promoting women's empowerment and gender equality. This recognition effort primarily reflects the school's commitment to recognizing the contributions of women who have made significant impacts on the school community's social and educational levels.

As a higher education institution, HCCCI pledges to support and empower all genders towards achieving equality and inclusivity in both academic and social activities. The institution recognizes the crucial roles women played in constructing a society and believes that empowering them through education and endeavors such as this can contribute to making the world a safer place for all life forms. The HCCCI, along with its ever-active administration, strives to inform people that working together can help create a just and equitable world for everyone.

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