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On May 23–24, the Holy Child Central Colleges, Inc. (HCCCI) engaged in a transformative experience at the Innovation Laboratory for Global Education and Digital Citizenship Writeshop, held at The Marcian Garden Hotel in Zamboanga City. Led by the Commission on Higher Education-International Affairs Staff (CHED-IAS), this event brought together esteemed experts to share their extensive knowledge and first-hand experiences regarding the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) program and its application in e-pedagogy through the iLab facility.

The two-day writeshop served as a platform for renowned individuals to contribute their expertise and insights. These experts included Atty. Lily Freida M. Milla, CESO IV, the CHED-IAS OIC Director for the office of the executive director; Ms. Ayeesa Velasquez, the Assistant Vice President for Administration of Silay Institute; Dr. Erwin Faller, the Director for Internationalization and Linkages Office of San Pedro College; Dr. Michelle Aguilar-Ong, President of Mabalacat City College; and Dr. Christine N. Ferrer, the Director for External Linkages and International Affairs of Tarlac Agricultural University. Together, they facilitated the exchange of best practices in the COIL program, empowering participants to collaborate and contribute towards building the Manual of Procedure for the innovative iLab project. The insights gained from this gathering hold the promise of shaping the future of education and equipping students with the essential skills required in the digital age through local and international online collaborative learning made more promising and accessible by the iLab facility

Representing HCCCI were Vanessa Marie L. Antiquin, the school's Executive Vice President, and Jack Robin A. Lacerna, the school's Assistant Director for External Affairs and Linkages, as well as the school's acting iLab officer. Their active involvement demonstrated HCCCI's unwavering commitment to embracing innovative educational practices and promoting digital citizenship among its student body.

HCCCI expresses its heartfelt gratitude to CHED-IAS for spearheading this enriching event. The knowledge acquired and the collaborative efforts made during the writeshop undoubtedly contribute to the future of the COIL program and digital education initiatives at HCCCI.

HCCCI remains steadfast in its pursuit of providing a holistic and globally competitive education to its students. Through active participation in events like the iLab Writeshop, HCCCI continues to foster an environment of innovation and prepares students to become responsible digital citizens who are well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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